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edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Thu Mar 18 01:56:45 CET 2004

El mié, 17-03-2004 a las 17:25, Benedikt Meurer escribió:
> Edscott,
> I just discovered you have your own search logic in the mime-icons, which does 
> not conform to the XDG spec. I think, it would be helpful to use the resource 
> lookup functions from libxfce4util, I just committed today. Docs:
> http://www.xfce.org/~benny/api/libxfce4util/libxfce4util-Resource-lookup-functions.html
> What do ya think?

I will have a look at it. The search logic I use is *not* very good
because I had to edit files besides mime-icons.c to get all working.
I'll try to improve the lookup logic with libxfce4util and get all code
into mime-icons.c to make life easier.



> regards,
> Benedikt

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