[patch] xfdesktop menu in a gmodule, new menu generator too

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Mar 18 01:11:07 CET 2004

ah, i see what the problem is.  term and visible are expecting a yes/no 
value, and i'm looking for a true/false value.  JF, please change the 
menueditor to use true/false, as i think that makes more sense (and i 
just plain like it better).  i'll leave the yes/no ability in there at 
least until 4.4 for backward compat.


Jean-François Wauthy wrote:

>I just find out that the term attribute is also ignored...
>Le mer 17/03/2004 à 07:42, Brian J. Tarricone a écrit :
>>hi all-
>>my work to move the menu into a gmodule is basically done.  it seems 
>>stable (for me), and i think i got all the memory leaks (grr, SVG icons 
>>are still leaking).  don't report any memleaks to me unless you've 
>>updated libxfcegui4 within the last 5 minutes, since i committed a 
>>change to disable SVG icon loading in GtkIconTheme.
>>new patch is in the usual place:
>>as with last time, untar it _in the xfdesktop source tree root_ since it 
>>has a .png file that's needed.  _rerun autogen.sh_ after applying the 
>>patch!  i've test-applied the patch to a clean checkout from CVS, so if 
>>you're having problems applying, try checking out a fresh tree.
>>after compiling/installing, remember to 'killall -USR1 xfce4-panel' so 
>>it recognises the new plugin.
>>NB: if you want to use the new menu panel plugin, you _must_ install 
>>this copy to the same $prefix as the panel.  if not, the plugin itself 
>>wil be installed correctly, but it won't be able to find the gmodule 
>>with the menu code.  actually, it occurs to me that it might be able to 
>>find it, but i wouldn't recommend installing it to a different prefix 
>>(if you want to try it and tell me how it goes, please feel free).
>>NB^2: there is still no fix for the problem of certain apps crashing 
>>right after launch.  i have noticed, however, that apps don't crash from 
>>the menu when they're launched from the new panel plugin, so that seems 
>>to indicate to me that the problem is in xfdesktop itself, and not in 
>>the menu code (yay!).
>>NB^3: i noticed that with SVG icons disabled, you'll get some 
>>GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL and GLib-GObject-CRITICAL message printed to 
>>console.  sorry about that, but there doesn't appear to be a way to fix 
>>that (apparently when you disable SVG icons it still tries to open some 
>>nonexistant file for some reason).
>>if i could get as many people testing this as possible, i'd really 
>>appreciate it.  i want to put this into CVS soon and move on to other 
>>things (desktop icons maybe).  if people could test with gtk 2.4.0 as 
>>well, that would be cool.
>>oh, i just realised i forgot to put in icon= support for <title> items 
>>in the menu.  oh well.  also, <xfdesktop useicons="false"> isn't 
>>honoured right now.  they're both trivial fixes and i'll put them in for 
>>the next patch or when i commit to CVS.  try the new icon support for 
>><menu> items; it's fun.  blah, i suck.  i also just realised that the 
>>menu won't autoregenerate either.  ah well, i'll fix that later.  i just 
>>want to make sure things install ok and xfdesktop or the panel don't 
>>crash for weird reasons.
>>    -brian
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