RFE - Panel drawer actions

Jesse Wagner beansack at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 16 01:21:45 CET 2004

BTW, currently if you open a dialog and click on a desktop or window, the
menu stays open. That does not fit w/ your description.

<bjt23 at cornell.edu> said:
> thank you!  while this may be a 'nifty feature' to some, it totally goes 
> against the standard expected behavior for menus: you open a menu, you 
> click somewhere (anywhere) else, and the menu closes.  calling it a 
> 'drawer' doesn't change the fact that it looks like a menu, acts like a 
> menu, and therefore _is_ a menu.  just because CDE did (does) it doesn't 
> mean it's good - i'd argue to the contrary.
> 	-brian

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