Resource lookup functions for libxfce4util

purslow at purslow at
Sat Mar 13 00:41:52 CET 2004

040312 Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> purslow at wrote:
>> as one of those mere users, may i look disturbed ?
>> it seems commonplace for other pgms to create  .kde3.2  .xcdroast  etc.
>> there is now a  ~/.config , wh seems to have been created by KDE 3.2.0 ,
>> but almost nothing in it.  as for  $XDG_{DATA,CONFIG}_HOME 
>> -- wh i've never seen before & how many users wd recognise it ? -- ,
>> 'echo $XDG_DATA_HOME' & 'echo $XDG_CONFIG_HOME' come up empty.
>> perhaps this is part of the new desktop stds, wh XFCE rightly adheres to,
>> but it wb nice to have a brief explan'n before too much changes.


thanx: i will keep that URL in a safe place.
perhaps it wb a good idea to alert ordinary users to these changes
when XFCE 4.2 eventually hits the mirrors ?


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