Resource lookup functions for libxfce4util

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Fri Mar 12 08:00:42 CET 2004

Op do 11-03-2004, om 22:13 schreef Benedikt Meurer:
> Since whats currently provided by xdg.[ch] is unflexible and maybe not 
> sufficient to fullfill the needs at all, I wrote a new implementation for 
> resource lookups (base on the XDG Basedir Spec).
> I'd like to get some feedback on this before I go on and commit it. So if 
> anyone knows of anything that could be missing from, please speak now or 
> remain silent forever :-)
> Generated gtkdoc (experimental ;) can be found at
> BTW: Can we manage to switch to the Basedir locations for 4.2? E.g. no longer 
> having ~/.xfce4/, but instead using the standard locations at ~/.config/ and 
> ~/.local/share/ (or whatever the user sets in $XDG_{DATA,CONFIG}_HOME). The 
> transition can be done nearly 100% transparently to the user.

Looks very nice. I'm very much in favor of using the basedir spec.
Shouldn't be too hard when we port everything to these functions.

About the API, I'm not sure you should return the directories with
appended '/'. Somehow that doesn't feel right, can't think of a good
reason though ;-)


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