MCS plugins going mad/MCS manager thread problem?

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Thu Mar 11 00:03:52 CET 2004

As with most other things as well, the problem has a really simple solution, 
but like usually, one needs 8 hours to realize that :/

The problem is with the panels mcs plugin. This plugin has libxml in its NEEDS 
list, which is usually threaded. Therefore dlopen() loads libxml as well, 
which results in undefined behaviour, as xfce-mcs-manager is basicly 
unthreaded (not linked against libc_r or libpthread). Now there are two 
possible solutions:

1) get rid of libxml in the mcs plugin (my favourite)
2) make xfce-mcs-manager threaded on plattforms that supports it


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