[patch,experimental] xfdesktop menu in a gmodule

Jean-François Wauthy pollux at xfce.org
Wed Mar 10 13:04:23 CET 2004

Le mer 10/03/2004 à 08:54, Brian J. Tarricone a écrit :
> hi all-
> i got to a point where things seem to be working, so i thought i'd make 
> a patch for what i have and give it to you guys to test out:
> http://kelnos.homelinux.org/xfce4/files/xfdesktop-menu-gmodule-20040310.tar.gz
> (NOTE: this is different than my usual patches.  untar it in the 
> toplevel xfdesktop src dir, and then apply the patch that's in there.)
> this is somewhat of a step back, as i haven't ported the <include 
> type="system"> menu to the new system (yet).
> the highlights:
> - menu code in a gmodule (installed to $libdir/xfce4/modules)
> - glib xml parser for the menu file (NOTE: the &menu2; method for 
> including other files in menu.xml no longer works!)
> - menu button panel plugin
> - uses XfceAppMenuItem
> - EditMode is gone
> known issues:
> - no .desktop support yet
> - probably a bunch of bugs
> - some random things i want to redesign/rewrite
> - xfdesktop no longer depends on libxml2 directly, tho i haven't removed 
> the dep from configure.ac yet
i think it's not a good idea to remove it, the menueditor needs
> this is a _really_ rough patch (plus, it's around 260k).  oh, also, 
> please do 'find -name Makefile|xargs rm' from the root of the tree 
> before applying.  i accidentally included some Makefiles, and generating 
> the patch was a pain, so i don't want to redo it.  if you already have 
> Makefiles (leave Makefile.{in,am} alone), the patch with fail.  to be 
> safe, it's probably best to do a fresh checkout of xfdesktop from CVS.  
> also, you _must_ install it in the same prefix as xfce4-panel, or the 
> panel plugin won't work (for now anyway).
> so, do this:
> xfce4/xfdesktop $ find -name Makefile | xargs rm
> xfce4/xfdesktop $ tar xvzf 
> ~/downloads/xfdesktop-menu-gmodule-20040310.tar.gz
>  xfdesktop-menu-gmodule-20040310.diff
>  pixmaps/xfce4_xicon.png
> xfce4/xfdesktop $ patch -p0 < xfdesktop-menu-gmodule-20040310.diff
> xfce4/xfdesktop $ configure --prefix=/same/as/xfce4-panel && make && 
> sudo make install
> and that should do it.
> if you have any build problems, let me know.  i'm relatively sure the 
> patch is correct, but who knows.  let me know what you think.  i have a 
> bit in mind beyond what i have here, but perhaps you'll have a cool idea 
> i haven't thought of.  please, no need to bother me with the obvious 
> stuff that's messed up - i probably already know.
>     -brian
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