[patch,experimental] xfdesktop menu in a gmodule

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Wed Mar 10 08:54:38 CET 2004

hi all-
i got to a point where things seem to be working, so i thought i'd make 
a patch for what i have and give it to you guys to test out:
(NOTE: this is different than my usual patches.  untar it in the 
toplevel xfdesktop src dir, and then apply the patch that's in there.)

this is somewhat of a step back, as i haven't ported the <include 
type="system"> menu to the new system (yet).

the highlights:
- menu code in a gmodule (installed to $libdir/xfce4/modules)
- glib xml parser for the menu file (NOTE: the &menu2; method for 
including other files in menu.xml no longer works!)
- menu button panel plugin
- uses XfceAppMenuItem
- EditMode is gone

known issues:
- no .desktop support yet
- probably a bunch of bugs
- some random things i want to redesign/rewrite
- xfdesktop no longer depends on libxml2 directly, tho i haven't removed 
the dep from configure.ac yet

this is a _really_ rough patch (plus, it's around 260k).  oh, also, 
please do 'find -name Makefile|xargs rm' from the root of the tree 
before applying.  i accidentally included some Makefiles, and generating 
the patch was a pain, so i don't want to redo it.  if you already have 
Makefiles (leave Makefile.{in,am} alone), the patch with fail.  to be 
safe, it's probably best to do a fresh checkout of xfdesktop from CVS.  
also, you _must_ install it in the same prefix as xfce4-panel, or the 
panel plugin won't work (for now anyway).

so, do this:
xfce4/xfdesktop $ find -name Makefile | xargs rm
xfce4/xfdesktop $ tar xvzf 
xfce4/xfdesktop $ patch -p0 < xfdesktop-menu-gmodule-20040310.diff
xfce4/xfdesktop $ configure --prefix=/same/as/xfce4-panel && make && 
sudo make install
and that should do it.

if you have any build problems, let me know.  i'm relatively sure the 
patch is correct, but who knows.  let me know what you think.  i have a 
bit in mind beyond what i have here, but perhaps you'll have a cool idea 
i haven't thought of.  please, no need to bother me with the obvious 
stuff that's messed up - i probably already know.


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