xfce-4.0.4 released

Scott Jones scott at exti.net
Wed Mar 10 07:37:11 CET 2004

On Tuesday 09 March 2004 19:58, Scott Jones wrote:

> On Tuesday 09 March 2004 16:23, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> > The XFce Team is pleased to announce the release 4.0.4 of the XFce
> > 4 Desktop Environment and Development Platform.
> And Ilkka has passed the torch (or was that a stick of dynamite?) to
> me. (S)RPMs for SuSE 8.2 are available at
> http://scott.exti.net/xfce4/4.0.4/ , and will soon be available at
> Ilkka's SuSE apt repository.

And replying to myself...

Since I use gdm on the work machine, I didn't notice that as of KDE 3.2, 
kdm no longer uses the SessionTypes option in kdmrc.  This means that 
if you have upgraded KDE to 3.2, XFce4 will not be one of the sessions 
available to you.  I will have this fixed sometime tomorrow, when I get 
back into the office.

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