iconbox "always on top"

Michael Andrews mandrews at mandrews.org
Sat Jun 26 19:02:23 CEST 2004

Excuse the repeat if you subscribe to the xfce-dev list, but the
activity seems to be here.

A couple of weeks ago on IRC, I threatened to modify the iconbox so that
it was not longer "always on top" but instead use the layer setting from
the panel (I despise "always on top").  Well, I actually did it.  I have
uploaded the patch file to:


If one of the core developers wants to consider it for "general
release".  I can also email directly to the appropriate person.

The patch looks a little long (28k), but about half of the patch appears
to be due to the auto-generated Makefiles and configure scripts.  I
updated the automake and autoconfig files, and am not sure I got them
right (they build for me).

Michael Andrews <mandrews at mandrews.org>

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