XFCE future

Pat Martin wpmartin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 20:58:50 CEST 2004

Hello all,

I have been using xfce4 since it was in a beta stage and I have loved
it. There are things that I wish it had and some of those things seem
to be getting implemented in cvs (which is stable enough for me to use
at work). It seems the future of xfce looks bright. I just wanted to
say I appreciate what is being done on xfce and although you may not
be directly competing with Gnome or KDE you are making a superior
product in comparison, at least IMHO. I think one of the reasons for
that is that you focus on keeping it light and fast, but quite feature

I look forward to 4.2 and I know it will be released when it is ready.
Leaving it too long in between releases stagnates it and too short
there aren't enough new features or it is riddled with bugs. I don't
envy you guys at all when it comes to when to release. But the fact
that this is all volunteer makes it that much more amazing how well it
works and how fast things are implemented and released.

That was all I had (maybe in a later email I will make feature
requests ;p  ), I just wanted to let you know, you guys rock!

Thanks again for a great Desktop Environment and don't forget to have fun.


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