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Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Thu Jun 17 07:47:26 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> hi all (mainly benny)-


> i was tracking an xfdesktop bug that francois found, and i was using 
> Xnest in 2-screen mode (:1.0 and :1.1).  i noticed that when i right 
> clicked on :1.1 and started the desktop settings panel, 
> xfce-setting-show apparently noticed that there was no mcs manager on 
> :1.1 and started one.  so now i had two settings managers, and xfdesktop 
> was only looking at one of them.  if i tried to change settings on 
> screen 0, everything worked fine (i.e., using xfce-setting-show on :1.0 
> to change settings for either screen).  but, as expected, using the 
> settings manager on :1.1 did nothing.
> i really need to know how the mcs manager is going to handle 
> multiscreen.  if it's going to stay the way it is now, i'm not sure how 
> this is going to work.  i'm going to have to have a settings plugin that 
> acts like it does now when we're in xinerama mode (showing multiple 
> tabs for each screen), and in non-xinerama mode it will show one tab 
> (errr, no tabs) for the current screen, and then to set the other 
> screen, you have to move over to that screen, set it there, and so on.  
> i really don't like that; i think it's rather icky.
> personally, i'd be happy with one mcs manger per display.  i think the 
> applications should be responsible for storing settings in such a way 
> that makes sense for them, whether they're multiscreen or not.  for me, 
> i'm just appending a screen number to the setting names.  that seems to 
> work just fine.

The way I'm implementing it right now is one settings manager per display. 
It'll support plugins that serve multiple screens (like the backdrop plugin) 
and plugins that serve a single display (like the window/session manager plugin).


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