Article on Cobind 0.2 and thus on Xfce

Jean-François Wauthy pollux at
Mon Jun 14 09:02:36 CEST 2004

An article on osnews about Cobind 0.2 speaks a little about Xfce, i C&P
the text (source :

"...First among them is the window manager. XFce 4 has a crispness and
elegance that reminds me of the Macintosh's OS X. XFce's most visible
element is the panel, which does resemble the OS X dock. It isn't
identical, however. For instance, adding and removing things isn't just
a matter of dragging an icon on and off. You have to right-click, then
interpret the options. Generally, that's not too hard. The panel can be
hidden, or dragged around the screen.

XFce is clearly snappier than Gnome or KDE. It uses fewer system
resources. More to the point, XFce is what you get -- there are no other

Whether you are a Windows, a Mac, or a Linux user accustomed to Gnome or
KDE, you'll find that XFce is perfectly obvious..."

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