Semi-OT: Getting back into programming

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Fri Jun 11 08:30:16 CEST 2004

Joe Klemmer wrote:
> 	Ok, as much as I hate C, I have made the decision to try and get back
> into doing programming again.  It's been 10 years since I was a "real"
> programmer, and that was COBOL on MVS (the first person to laugh get a
> smack up side the head!)  I have gotten some very good books on C
> programming and found a few web sites with tutorials and such, including
> the GTK one.  My question now is what tool/IDE/environment to use.  I
> currently have Code Crusader, CodeForge, Anjuta and, of course, the
> vim/nedit with-lots-of-xterms IDE.  I also have Borland C++ Builder X
> and KDevelop but they seem more for C++ than C, though I'm sure I could
> do C with them.  The problem with the IDE's, other than the vim/nedit
> option, is the steep learning curve they all have.  It's almost as much
> to learn the IDE as it is the language.
> 	I would like to ask what others are using.  What is the preferred
> method or tools of development being used by you guys?  I sm leaning
> towards either Anjuta or the vim/nedit method but am not against using
> something else.  It would be good to be as compatible as possible with
> you guys.  I'm not against taking a few months to learn an IDE but I'd
> rather learn one than all of them.

I use gvim, gnome-terminal, gdb and Xnest.

> TIA,
> Joe


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