xfdesktop rewrite done-ish

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Jun 7 05:26:08 CEST 2004

hi all-

yesterday i started rewriting xfdesktop, mostly from scratch, and it's 
mostly finished now.  it wasn't quite as hard as i thought.  AFAIK, the 
crashing problem is gone, and i suspect that it was originally in the 
windowlist code, as after i copied that code verbatim from the old 
xfdesktop, the crashing resumed.  i backed out to an earlier version of 
my new xfdesktop, rewrote the windowlist stuff from scratch, and it was 
all better.  go figure.

anyway, the main thing missing is a settings plugin, and a way for it to 
read stuff from MCS.  but it is multihead aware (both xinerama and 
non-xinerama), and on startup will set your backdrop and color to the 
same thing on each screen.  at least that's the theory.  also, the 
menueditor isn't included in there either.  that way i don't have to 
merge later.

i stuck a tarball up, please test:  
i'd suggest installing it to /opt or something.  if you want to change 
the backdrop image or color, open up src/main.c and edit the stuff at 
the bottom (under the /* TEST */ comment).  hehe.


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