"Run and crash" bug also in the panel...

Jean-François Wauthy pollux at castor.be
Wed Jun 2 09:52:18 CEST 2004

Apparently it was a false alert ... sorry i restarted xfce4-panel with 
"Run command" from the desktop menu... Restarting the panel from a
terminal doesn't make it crash anymore. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Le mer 02/06/2004 à 09:29, Jean-François Wauthy a écrit :
> Yesterday evening, i was amazed to encounter the same bug with the panel
> launchers as with the desktop menu... I told it to Brian and he asked me
> to send this mail. But this morning, before beginning to write, i tried
> a last time and no bug more... i wondered why... and tried to remember
> what i did yesterday. I remembered i had "tried" the #215 (Using 'Quit'
> button in the Desktop menu results in panel crash/termination, it does
> not log off the session). (oops) I did it again, restarted the panel and
> then the bug appeared. So IMO there are 2 possibilities :
> 1) this is nor a xfdesktop nor a xfce4-panel bug and it should be
> somewhere in the libs
> 2) this is a xfdesktop bug and using 'Quit' "propagates" it to the panel
> (sounds weird because the panel has been restarted before bug appears)
Jean-François Wauthy <pollux at castor.be>
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