Rodent theme in CVS

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Jul 29 19:21:13 CEST 2004

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, edscott wrote:

> El jue, 29-07-2004 a las 09:15, Brian J. Tarricone escribió:
> > yes, i'd be strongly in favor of making it the xfce default icon theme.
> > 
> I suggest creating xfce4-icons for the Rodent theme and eliminating
> xffm-icons. The only part of xffm-icons that would carry over would be
> xfmime-edit, to allow the user to create custom the mime/icon
> associations (although it could also could be moved to xffm, since
> currently only the filemanager uses mime/icon associations).

not a bad idea, though i was thinking of the possibility of just 
including it in the xfce4-themes pacakge.  on the other hand, i'd 
imagine there are those that might want the themes but not the icons, so 
maybe not.


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