Strange panel behavious

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sat Jul 24 01:18:46 CEST 2004

Erik Harrison wrote:

>So, I'm probably sending to much mail to the list, but . . .
not at all.  useful feedback is always appreciated.

>Second, right clicking the move dimples and selecting "Add new item"
>will, intermittently, and often after several attempts, appear halfway
>off the right side of the screen. If closed, then I cannot add anymore
>applets to the panel - clicking "Add new item" does nothing.
how old is your version of xfce4-panel?  i believe jasper committed a 
fix for this yesterday or the day before.

>Third, clicking "Add new item" 5-10 times will eventually give me a
>segfault. Backtrace follows (I think, I ain't to familiar with this
>gdb thing).
hmm, from the BT, looks like it's my plugin's fault.  though it's rather 
weird, as it appears to have crashed on the third call to 
g_module_symbol(), which doesn't really make sense considering the two 
prior calls are basically identical.  i can't reproduce this here 
(clicked add item about 20 times, no problem), so i don't know what to 
tell you.  heh, looks like i also made a typo in the function name when 
i first wrote it, and then perpetuated it via autocompletion.  funny.


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