xfmusic4 4.1.4 released

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 19 07:27:34 CEST 2004

hi all-
for those of you that are cvs-shy (though xfmusic4 won't work if you 
aren't using xfce4 cvs, so that's kinda silly), i've finished another 
alpha release that i deem worthy.  there are a lot of improvements since 
4.1.3, and i'm not sure what they are exactly because i don't remember 
what 4.1.3 was like.  i also wrote a proper web page for the thing:
http://spuriousinterrupt.org/projects/xfmusic4/  (with screenshots, even 

what's new?
* proper .m3u and .pls playlist load and save
* unified XML configuration architecture for both the library and GUI 
(this means your old settings go byebye)
* shuffle/repeat implemented
* ability to make the window sticky or always-on-top
* ability to use a custom format for the playlist song title display
* preliminary output plugin settings/about dialogs (mostly disabled 
until they're finished)
* some random performance enhancements here and there
* some utf8 fixes that were causing segfaults occasionally

known issues:
* some mp3 files' sample rates are detected incorrectly
* some (rare?) mp3 files cause the entire player to become almost 
completely unresponsive (click the "next" button and then wait 30s or so)
* treeview columns resize of their own free will, causing the window to 
resize (to make the window smaller, grab the sizer for the title column, 
and drag it to the left, then resize the window)
* shuffle mode will progressively eat memory from song to song

since CVS is up, releases will be less frequent.  also, i'm moving 
(again) at the end of this month, so CVS will be down for a week, maybe 
two.  it won't matter, because i probably won't be hacking on it during 
that time.  the release tarballs will still be available, of course, and 
i'll try to remember to make another release right before i pack up my 
stuff.  enjoy!


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