iconbox & taskbar feature requests

Wade Nelson hollywoodb at fastmail.fm
Thu Jul 15 05:27:15 CEST 2004

> PS: what do the background shades of icons in the iconbox mean? some 
> apps have a light green background, some a light purple in my case.

/me slaps himself with large trout

figured this out about 2 minutes after this post...

However, I did notice that when I double click an unmounted samba mount 
in the fstab part of xffm-cvs (correct entry in fstab), all of xfce4-cvs 
hangs... I can mount and umount until I pass out from a term or console, 
but it seems the mount operation is hanging (according to htop), as well 
as xffm, and killing both processes still leaves me hanging. I can 
reproduce this to my hearts content, so if any info is needed just say so :)

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