Panel issues

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Mon Jul 12 22:49:48 CEST 2004

Hey, there are several panel issues that I have not found a solution for 
yet, or even a cause ... Any ideas would be welcome.

- autohide to wrong side.

Sometimes when the panel autohides on the bottom or the right screen 
edge, the size is reduced, but the window isn't moved to the edge.

I can reproduce this by changing orientation and then setting autohide 
(initially it works fine). The problem here is that I set the 
coordinates correctly, the window just doesn't get moved.

Might be an interaction with the window manager, but it happens with 
metacity as well. Perhaps it's something with gtk.

- partial struts don't work with metacity

Very funny this. Metacity moves the panel away from the screen edge to 
avoid its own struts ;-) Sounds like a metacity bug, not sure I should 
care about it.

- some icon themes work, others don't

Basically, icon themes seem to work fine, but for me Wasp doesn't work, 
someone else reported something similar. Other svg themes work fine, so 
it must be something else. This should be in the gtk icon themeing code. 
I'll probably have to add some debugging statements to gtk to find out 
what is going on.

- dropping many (> 10) files on a launcher causes a crash

Well, actually, I haven't looked at this at all. Doesn't sound too 
difficult. I'm probably copying strings to a statically allocated buffer 
without proper bounds checking.

I'll be working on these issues, but progress will be slow.


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