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Mon Jul 12 04:17:17 CEST 2004

El sáb, 10-07-2004 a las 02:01, Martti Kuparinen escribió:
> Hi!
> Any ideas why this user can't compile glade_gui.c on
> NetBSD/sparc 1.6.2? I think he has GCC 2.93.3 (at least
> NetBSD/i386 1.6.2 is using that version).

After viewing the report, it is because the glade generated code is too
big and makes the complier croak and moan on memories with not enough
memory. As of version 4.1 the xfce4-fm has split the glade_gui.c into
several modules and has eliminated all the inefficient toolbar
generation stuff (leaving only menu generation for the main glade gui
file). That version should compile OK on memory scarce boxes.

The only recomendation for the user is to make sure there is enough swap
space and don't kill the compilation until it finishes. Or better yet,
update to xffm 4.1.5 and xfce-modules 4.1.4 (CVS HEAD). This version
should compile much easier and is compatible with xfce-4.0.x libraries
(with ./configure --enable-oldlibraries)

> Martti
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