Building XFCE on Cygwin

Maarten Boekhold boekhold at
Thu Jul 8 16:30:03 CEST 2004

Hello all,

Since recently the cygwin distribution includes glib/atk/pango/gtk2, and 
  I thought I'd give building XFCE (4.0.5) a try. I based my efforts on 
the (minimal) patches available from

The necessary steps to compile XFCE on cygwin seem to consist of:
1. Adding -no-undefined to the various 'libXXX_la_LDFLAGS' lines
2. running autoreconf
3. configure
4. *copy the cygwin version of /usr/automake/devel/bin/libtool to '.'*
5. make && make install

Following the above steps I've successfully compiled:
- dbh
- libxfce4util
- libxfcegui4
- libxfce4mcs
- gtk-xfce-engine
- xfce-mcs-manager
- xfce4-panel
- xfce-mcs-plugins

I'm now stuck at xfdesktop, for apparently different reasons (didn't try 
to build any of the other modules yet, changes are good that they will 
build just fine with the above steps, as long as they don't depend on 

Is it possible for the developers of XFCE to add an automake rule that, 
when on a cygwin system, will add the -no-undefined flag to the various 
libXXX_la_LDFLAGS lines? That would make a further porting effort a lot 
easier. I don't know the whole autoconf stuff very well, otherwise I 
would have provided you with the correct macros already... I'll ask on 
the cygwin mailing list if somebody can give me a cookbook recipe...

I'll try to figure out with help from the cygwin mailing lists how to 
handle the libtool issue. It seems that the cygwin libtool version is a 
patched version of 1.5.6, but perhaps the changes are incorporated in a 
later version of libtool/autoconf/automake?

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