GTK+ theme change reset the "panel's margin"

LiNuCe linuce at
Wed Jul 7 08:50:15 CEST 2004


    I'm running latest XFCE4 CVS checked out this night (GMT+1) : I have 
just try a checkout this morning in case something changes but there was 
not change, so I'm really running the latest CVS version. I notice a 
little bug I will try to describe my best to reproduce it. This time, I 
didn't make any screenshots :)

    1) Be sure the panel has not "always on top" and "auto hide" on ;
    2) Maximize a windows : it cover the panel ;
    3) Change your GTK+ theme in "User Interface" ;
    4) Open an XTerm and maximize it : it won't cover the panel. You can 
try to maximize whatever you want, nothing will cover the panel since a 
margin apply as if "always on top" was on (when I switch on "always on 
top", a margin apply to the border the panel stand to not to cover it 
when a window is maximized) ;
    5) Go to Panel properties : "always on top" is really off even if 
maximized window behaves as if it were on.

    I don't know if I describe the problem very well but I expect any 
maximized window to cover the panel as it did before the GTK+ theme change.


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