Strange weirdness with the mouse pointer

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Wed Jan 21 19:24:43 CET 2004

Hey Joe,

  Welcome back! 



On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 11:12, Joe Klemmer wrote:
> 	I have finally gotten around to running Fedora Core 1.  I got a new
> Dell 8300 ($DEITY help me, I had no choice) and put FC1 on it.  After
> updating it with yum/up2date I then installed the RH 9 rpms* for xfce4
> <> so I could get the environment best suited for my
> needs.  Once this was done I now have a strange weirdness with the X
> mouse pointer.  Whenever I mouse over an xterm the pointer changes to
> something different.  For example, upon first logging in, the pointer
> will change from the arrow to the X that is the fall back for X
> Windows.  If I then run a Motif based app I get then big Motif hourglass
> when mousing over an xterm.  If I run acroread I get the hand.  etc.
> etc.
> 	This isn't a major problem, just an annoyance.  Does anyone have an
> idea what might be causing this?  I have also asked on the fedora list
> to try and see if this is something within it or if it's with X on FC1.
> Thanks,
> Joe
> * BTW, are there any fc1 rpms and, if so, would I be able to just do an
> rpm -Fvh * on them?

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