icons for Settings Manager

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Thu Jan 15 08:45:49 CET 2004

Op wo 14-01-2004, om 23:42 schreef Benedikt Meurer:
> Anyway, everybody should be clear that this is not an easy task to finish and 
> will take several months (esp. since we are all busy with other things and of 
> course with XFce components, jasper with the panel, edscott with xffm, botsie 
> with <dont-know>, olivier with everything and I am currently breaking the 
> session manager again).
> (Lots of words but nothing really said :-)
> Comments?

To be honest, to me it sounds a bit like a solution looking for a
problem. That coupled with the non-trivial amount of work, the lack of
time and developers and many basic pieces of the desktop not entirely
ready (desktop menu, session manager, ...) makes this unlikely to happen
anytime soon, IMO.

Why don't we first implement the features in our libraries and when we
have them working, look at fancy techniques to speed them up, reduce
memory usage and add other optimizations?


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