Desktop entry parser. Proposal for inclusion in libxfce4util.

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sun Jan 11 11:24:44 CET 2004

Hey all,

In order to support .desktop files in future versions of xfce apps
(panel, menu, etc), I wrote a small desktop file parser.

I think it has a nice API and it seem to work well. There is no write
support, but that can be added when we need it.

Attached is the header file and I have a test tarball here:

Just type make to build the test program. To print some info about one
or more desktop files, run this:

  ./test_dentries <desktop files>

I'd like to add this to libxfce4util if you have no objections. People
are starting to work on .desktop file support and it seems to me we
should have this functionality available to all apps.

Benedikt, I want this to be licensed under LGPL, basically because I
don't want to worry about copying code from gnome/gtk implementations.
Do you mind about having different licences in libxfce4util?

What do you think?

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