[patch] xfce4-session, libxfce4util: xfce4-shutdown features and code reorg

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Sat Jan 10 19:47:18 CET 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> hello all-

Hello Brian,

> i was bored, so i looked for something non-taxing to hack on.  i added 
> three configure options to xfce4-session:
> --with-poweroff=...
> --with-halt=...
> --with-reboot=...
> which allow the user (or, more likely, distro packagers) to substitute 
> custom binary/script locations for those 3 functions in xfce4-shutdown.  
> the new code first clears all environment variables, sets a safe PATH, 
> and then launches the custom command using g_spawn_command_line_sync() - 
> this way you can specify a command with arguments and the binary doesn't 
> have to worry about splitting them into an argument list for execl().

I committed your changes to HEAD (w/ some modifications, since setting environ 
to NULL doesn't like a good idea to me actually :-). Version is now 0.2.0.
Thanks for your contribution. It fixes a long-standing issue :-)

> also, while i was browsing in the session manager directory, i noticed 
> two functions with the note "move to libxfce4util," so i did.

Applied as well.

>    -brian


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