xfce4-panel in xffm toolbar

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Thu Jan 8 02:29:25 CET 2004

Hi all,

Yes, panel launchers with drawers, are now present as one of the
toolbars of xffm (CVS HEAD, of course). Configuration is that of the
xfce4-panel, including the icon theme (even if xffm icon theme differs).
Drag and drop is fully functional, and the front element of each drawer
is always the last element clicked on (nice feature from AutoCAD). After
configuration changes to xfce4-panel, xffm need be restarted (yeah, a
bummer, but how often do you change the panel config?)

To open the drawers, press button 1 and do *not* release for a few

The other xffm toolbar has also been revamped and also has some drawers
which accept dragndrop. Both can be hidden away to save system

The print icon will probably be removed from the standard xffm toolbar
since the functionality is duplicated in default panel configuration.

The apps branch will also be removed from xffm since the "panel" toolbar
renders it obsolete.

Opinions and comments welcome. Plugins are not mapped to "panel" toolbar
for the present time (what for?).



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