[patch] xfdesktop menu icons

Jean-François Wauthy pollux at castor.be
Wed Feb 4 17:31:19 CET 2004

i forgot to tell one thing in my previous mail, the built-in quit entry
has no default icon...

Le jeu 29/01/2004 à 08:13, Brian J. Tarricone a écrit :
> hi all-
> this is by no means finished, but i wanted to get out a patch before i 
> went to bed tonight so people can play...
> patch applies in xfdesktop/ with -p0 against current cvs head.  you'll 
> have to rerun autogen.sh.  you'll need the cvs version of libxfce4util 
> as well for the desktop entry support.
> the goodies:
> * desktop menu icon support (obviously)
> * menu icons follow current xfce4-panel theme (if themed icons are 
> available)
> * support for an autogenerated menu (from .desktop files) (thanks danny!)
> * menu will regenerate itself a bit more intelligently as needed (and in 
> the background, usually)
> things you might want to do:
> * if you're including another file via "&menu2;" or similar in your 
> ~/.xfce4/menu.xml file, you should change it to read:
> <include type="file" src="menu2.xml" />
> using this method, the file you reference must be a fully-validated 
> xfdesktop-menu xml file.  the old way will still work (for now), but the 
> menu won't get automatically regenerated if the included file changes 
> unless you use the new syntax.
> * if you want to have a series of menus autogenerated from .desktop 
> files in /usr/share/applications, add:
> <include type="system" />
> to your menu.xml where you want the menus to appear.  note that items 
> that are in the menu already will not be duplicated in the system menu; 
> the system menu will only include unique icons.
> ** eventually i'm going to move to using the glib xml parser, so you 
> should consider the "&menu2;" syntax deprecated as of now. **
> my todo list:
> * window list menu icons
> * legacy directory-style .desktop menus
> * find more .desktop files outside of /usr/share/applications
> * conversion (and i18n) of default .desktop category names into better names
> * hacks to work around quasi-broken .desktop files with %-ified argument 
> placeholders in the command
> this patch is still somewhat rough and i need to clean it up quite a 
> bit, but i want to see if there's anything i'm doing that's making 
> things screwy on various systems.
> oh, right.  the patch.  you can get it at
> http://kelnos.homelinux.org/xfce4/  (grab the newest patch only)
> there's also a perl script to generate some menus with icons from your 
> .desktop files (which somewhat negates the purpose of the autogenerated 
> menus, but whatever).  otherwise you can just rely on the (somewhat 
> incomplete) .desktop file autogenerator support.
> enjoy, and let me know what breaks ^_^.
>     -brian
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