bugzilla guided form simplification

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Fri Dec 31 12:54:57 CET 2004

Oliver Lehmann wrote:

>Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>hi all,
>>i'm trying to make the guided "new bug" form shorter.  i just removed 
>>the hardware platform and OS fields, since they can be autodetected 
>how when the reporting system != testsystem?
that's a good point, but 1) i find that i rarely care about those fields 
when diagnosing and fixing xfce bugs, 2) i imagine that this case is 
going to be the minority of the time.  i figure that, in order of 
likelihood, we have:
1) user reports bug from machine where the bug occurred
2) user reports bug from another machine running the same OS and 
hardware as where the bug occurred
3) user reports bug from another machine running a different OS and/or 
different hardware as where the bug occurred

i want the guided report form to be as simple as possible - it's ok to 
sacrifice some possibly-useful information if it's not critical to the 
bug.  on the other hand, i find that the first question i usually ask to 
a guided-form bug is "what version of xfce are you running?", hence why 
i added that field.

i dunno - it boils down to a matter of opinion and what the other devs 
think is most necessary for fixing bugs.  this is just my experience; if 
the others want it back, i'll put it back.


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