Charset problem in Terminal

James Tappin james at
Thu Dec 30 13:14:34 CET 2004

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 11:11:12 +0000
James Tappin <james at> wrote:

> When I define "Terminal" as the TERMCMD in xffm and then use it to
> launch a terminal in a directory, I get a wierd charset (see attached
> screenshot). If I use other terminals e.g. gnome-terminal or a plain
> xterm there is no problem and Terminal works correctly when launched
> from the panel or the command line.
> Terminal version 0.2.0, xfce4 from CVS updated Boxing Day (26/12).
> (I can't get through to berlios to download 0.2.2 to see if it's
> changed).

Just a couple of extra notes to add. I've now managed to download 0.2.2
and the only difference is that the default text is now white rather than
black. Also I've managed to get xffm to use xfce4-terminal as the terminal
(before no terminal was appearing) and that also has the same problem.


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