4.2-RC3: resizing & sticky-window problems

Rob Lahaye roblahaye at home.nl
Wed Dec 29 09:50:39 CET 2004

James Golden wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 12:24:51 +0100, Rob Lahaye wrote:
>>System: FreeBSD 5.3 with GCC 3.4.2 and gtk 2.4.14.
>>1) From "Settings-Manager -> Window Manager" I select style "Xfce".
>>   To make windows sticky, I click on the second widget in the
>>   title bar,
>>   which looks like an "o". When clicking there, the stickiness
>>   works,
>>   but the title bar does not show it; it is still an open "o".
>>   I consider this a bug.
> Well, don't consider it a bug. This is a port of the default theme
> from XFCE 3. It's unchanged for purposes of nostalgia. If it
> bothers
> you that much, you can edit the theme yourself, or use a different
> one. Not all themes alternate their sticky icon. Don't expect them
> all
> to change because of your peeve. Not trying to sound rude.

As a matter of fact, I also have Xfce-3 on another PC, and sticky
windows there get a little black dot in the "o". Why has that been
lost? That's nostalgia with broken functionality :).

Moreover, I don't see any point in insisting on NOT showing the
stickiness of a window. What's the window manager then for?
Do I have to keep a notebook next to my keyboard and jot down
notes myself, which window I have made sticky :).

>>2) For resizing windows without showing the contents: the size
>>   indicator
>>   in the center removes contents of the original window while
>>   resizing.   This is ugly.
> It's what you told it to do. Not displaying the contents of the
> window
> while resizing, is indeed not displaying those contents while
> resizing. If you want them to show, check the box, don't uncheck
> it.

I don't complain about not showing the contents while resizing;
I know what that means. However, what is ugly, is that the size
indicator in the centre (that appears while resizing) is actually
acting as an eraser of the text underneath it.
Well, this is not so nice, it's not critical or urgent;
more a cosmetical remark.


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