Xfce4 hardware sensors plugin

Fabian Nowak timystery at arcor.de
Tue Dec 21 13:36:11 CET 2004


the plugin no more crashes in version 0.3 but display "no sensors"
messages for those who really want the plugin to work without any
sensor ;)

i renamed the plugin to 

what do you mean by autotool'ing? if you speak of automake, autoconf
etc. for detection and all that stuff - this is pretty welcome.

Ciao, Fabian

for those who tried to look at the options dialog picture, try to remove
the dot at the end of the link...

Am Montag, den 20.12.2004, 11:59 +0100 schrieb Benedikt Meurer:
> Fabian Nowak wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > Missing a Hardware Sensors plugin for the xfce4-panel, I started to
> > create one. It pretty much ressembles MBM5 when displayed in the bar.
> > 
> > It already has save / load capabilities, so after a panel restart the
> > plugin should come with the same state as last time.
> > 
> > The code might still have some fragments of the xfce4-clock, but it
> > works pretty smooth even on my k7-700.
> > 
> > libsensors-1 and its headers are required for compiling, a working
> > sensors module is also required, e.g. i2c-nforce2 together with asb-100.
> > 
> > So it'd be very nice if you tested it and might take it into the CVS
> > branch.
> > Help is needed in Makefile and configure topics, currently I modified
> > the Makefile in the xfce4-panel module to create my Makefile which I
> > then edited...
> > 
> > Known bugs and problems are mentioned in the TODO file.
> > 
> > The file can be found at
> > http://mitglied.lycos.de/timshome/download/xfce4-sensors-0.2.tar.bz2 .
> Ok, tried this today. Several things:
> a) most important, the plugin crashes if no sensor is detected
> b) can the plugin be renamed to xfce4-sensors-plugin
> c) how about proper autotool'ing the plugin (I can help if desired)
> regards,
> Benedikt
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