[RELEASE] Heads up - 4.2RC3

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Mon Dec 20 22:38:50 CET 2004

Hello everybody,

We've just discussed release management on IRC another time, and we 
concluded that we should try to improve our coordination again.

Unfortunately, with all that christmas stuff coming along, we've run out 
of time for RC3, so this will be a quicky, and here's the plan:

20/12 - 22/12:
Every maintainer should check his packages again, update the NEWS and 
ChangeLog files (if anything changed after RC2), make sure that 'make 
dist' works, make sure that it compiles with gtk2.2 (Jean-Francois? ;-) ).

22/12 21:00 (CET):
Last chance to raise the red flag and cancel the release. Afterwards, 
only the release manager can cancel the release.

22/12 22:00 (CET):
CVS will be tagged and source tarballs will be uploaded. Once this is 
done, a mail will be sent to xfce4-dev, that the release process for 
4.2RC3 is started. The release maintainer can cancel the release at this 
time if he discovers non-trivial problems.

22/12 - 23/12:
Once the mail is sent and source tarballs are uploaded, the binary 
package maintainers can start to create packages for 4.2RC3 and upload 
them (this includes the source installers as well).

In addition, mirrors should sync 4.2RC3 source tarballs within this time.

And during this time, the release notes and announcements for 4.2RC3 
should be prepared.

Brian, please add the new version to bugzilla.

23/12 around 20:00 (CET):
The 4.2RC3 release will be officially announced on the website 
(Francois, are you ok with the time?). Please do not sent out 
announcements to any news sites before the website is updated.

Once the website is updated, people can start to send announcements to 
the various news sites (Olivier, please update freshmeat and gnomefiles).

Hopefully, this will allow smoother releases in the future with less 
pressure on certain individuals.


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