Feature request: translucent windows while moving/resizing

Erik Bourget erik at ebourget.net
Thu Dec 2 15:08:10 CET 2004

Sami Samhuri <sami at no-eff-eks.com> writes:

> * On Wed Dec-01-2004 at 12:33:05 AM +0100, Olivier Fourdan said:
>> Hi
>> There is a similar effect now in CVS (but using a slightly different
>> implementation, which doesn't set the property).
> [...]
> A small request for information. Is it possible to find out the opacity
> of a window? I'm asking because I'd like to patch xfwm to restore the
> window's opacity after moving it, if possible. If not I think just
> leaving the opacity alone (if not 1) is a reasonable alternative.
> Great job on this. I can't believe how good Xfce looks!

There's a getOpacity() function in utils.c IIRC that can take c->frame.
Probably this isn't the "right way to do it" :)

- Erik

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