Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Tue Aug 24 18:30:55 CEST 2004

hi all-

icon theming, especially for gtk 2.2 users, doesn't work very well right now
in xfce.  gtk 2.2 doesn't have GtkIconTheme, and my old hack of an icon finder
doesn't really work that well (it never did, but when i wrote it, it was
sufficient for what i was doing with it).  mashing that code into something
that works properly is only going to make it slower and uglier.

GtkIconTheme itself has a number of problems, most of which i've enumerated
before.  the panel is working around some of its limitations, and, to properly
fix icon theming in xfdesktop, i may have to copy some of jasper's code.

due to moving twice over the past month, i was out of commission coding-wise
for about three weeks, otherwise i probably would have had a chance to finish
XfceIconTheme.  i put several hours into it last night, and the basic mode
(looking up an icon filename based on an icon name) seems to work well so far.
i estimate another 3-4 hours of work on it, plus testing and debugging, before
it's done.

this REALLY needs to make it into 4.2.  i know we're feature-frozen, but this
icon theming is a nasty bug IMO, and i think the only way to fix it properly
is to scrap what we're doing now and start over.  this will add API to
libxfcegui4.  the current icon theming code can remain in libxfcegui4 and be
deprecated (i can probably make it use XfceIconTheme internally so it actually
works properly).

so, olivier, do i have permission to put it into libxfcegui4 when i think it's


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