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Thu Apr 29 13:53:19 CEST 2004

040428 Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> * configurable mouse buttons
> a few people in #xfce wished they could map the window list
> and/or the desktop menu to mouse buttons other than the default.


as a user, i'ld like very much to be able to map mouse buttons:
left = desktop menu , middle = window list , right = XFCE settings manager.
that seems natural to me, but others sb able to make their own choices.

BTW people are very sensitive re how they use their mouse.
i'm strongly left-handed in this respect (not in all ways),
but i want to use what are called "right-handed" settings,
which seem to me much more natural (VICE VERSA for right-handers).
there was a note in New Scientist recently pointing out
that this reversed mouse-button setting is easier on the hand,
again something which seems clear to me (others may disagree):
your hand rests lightly with middle finger on the left (for me) button
& thumb on the middle of the right (for me) side of the mouse.

> if random guy A sits down at a workstation that has xfce4 on it
> (assume he's familiar with xfce4),
> he probably expects right-click to open the desktop menu
> and middle click to open the window list menu.

this is a very far-fetched case.  usually, people control their own boxes.

> * disabling icons
> currently, you can disable icons in the desktop menu
> via an attribute in the menu.xml file.
> i'm not really thrilled with that solution for a couple reasons.
> if the user <include>s another menu file
> and 'showicons' attribute contradicts the parent's 'showicons' attribute,

this seems much more esoteric: why would anyone want to disable menu icons ?
why include the option at all ?

> * disabling the menu(s) entirely
> some people, like moritz, don't want the desktop menu at all.
> there's a configure-time option to disable compile of the menu module,
> but if you're dealing with binary packages from your distro,
> the only way to truly disable the menu is to go into $libdir/xfce4/modules
> and remove the shared lib for the menu.

again why?  what are Moritz' reasons?  no-one is forced to use it.

> yeah...  so sorry about my tendency to ramble on.
> i guess i just think too much about this sort of stuff.

don't overwork, we need you (grin)!

> opinions and suggestions would be most welcome.
> as long as you don't get pissed off at me if i don't agree with you ^_~.

no, never ... <spectate>

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