Drag and drop bug

Olivier FOURDAN fourdan.olivier at wanadoo.fr
Wed Apr 28 12:26:47 CEST 2004

Salut Francois,

Doesn't seem to be related to xfwm4 in any case because it works (both cases) using xfwm4 CVS HEAD along with xffm 4.0.5, gnome-terminal from GNOME 2.2 and GTK+-2.2.


> I think I've noticed a bug with drag and drop. I've reported it to
> Jasper, and he confirmed the bug, but it looks like it's not specific to
> the panel, so I report it here too. The problem is that you can not d&d
> twice from a window to another one when there is an intermediate stage
> in the d&d process.
> ie:
> 1/ with the panel menus:
> 	- open a file manager (rox, nautilus 2.6.1, xffm...)
> 	- drag a file to a panel menu item: the menu appears and you can
> 	  drop the file
> 	- drag a file *again* from the same window: the menu appears but
> 	  you can not drop the file
> 	- it works again if you close/open the file manager
> 2/ with the taskbar:
> 	- open a text editor (for example)
> 	- open a file manager
> 	- drag a text file to the editor entry in the taskbar: the text
> 	  editor window is raised and you can drop the file inside it
> 	- drag a text file again: the window is raised but you can not
> 	  drop the file inside it
> Reproducible with the two xfwm4 focus models.

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