xfdesktop TODO

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Apr 26 09:49:09 CEST 2004

hi all-
i can't sleep, so i decided to write up a TODO list for xfdesktop 4.2.  
let me know if you'd like to suggest an item for the list.  please, no 
requests for desktop icons.  i'm reluctantly forced to admit that they 
probably won't make it (officially) until 4.4.

these are sorted roughly by importance (but not necessarily in the order 
i intend to get them done).

- fix crash when loading certain apps from the menu [high priority, high 
- usability tweaks for the settings panel [high priority, low difficulty]
- move globalish menu options to the settings panel [med prio, low diff]
- multiscreen (xinerama) [med prio, med diff]
- desktop menu cleanups and tweaks [low prio, low diff]
- make the 'gradient' option actually do something (does anyone have 
pointers to any info for how to do this using nothing more than 
gtk/gdk/xlib?) [low prio, ??? diff]

wow, i thought there'd be more to do.  that's good, i suppose, since i'm 
sure all of this stuff will take me longer than i think.

in addition, xfce's global icon handling needs to be fixed before i'll 
consider xfdesktop's menu to be usable.  i've already made my 
suggestions as to what to do, but everyone seems pretty lukewarm as to 
what direction to take.


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