Mozilla/Firefox not honoring wm margins?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Apr 22 17:31:41 CEST 2004

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Matthew Weier OPhinney wrote:

> Has anybody else noticed that Mozilla and/or Firefox aren't honoring the
> WM margins as set in the settings-manager? I just discovered this
> yesterday when I reset mine and found firefox now was starting in the
> upper left corner regardless of my top margin.
> I saw the behaviour on both xfwm 4.0.5 and xfwm 4.0.3. Anybody else
> notice this? Is it a problem with xfwm4, or with mozilla? if the latter,
> has anybody already contacted them?

yep, known mozilla-gtk2 bug.  it seems that somewhere the code that 
remembers window positions (which i argued to have removed totally, but 
i digress) is broken for gtk2 such that it always requests (0,0) as the 
position.  the code that remembers the _size_ works properly, but the 
call to set the size also happens to set the position.  xfwm4 places 
windows with the desktop margins in mind, but will honor an app's 
explicit request for a position outside those margins (if this wasn't 
the case, apps like xfce4-panel and gkrellm wouldn't be able to be 
placed outside the margins, which is usually why people want the margins 
in the first place).  there's a patch on mozilla's bugzilla that should 
hopefully be committed Real Soon Now[tm]:


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