xfdesktop new stuff - needs testing

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Tue Apr 20 12:57:06 CEST 2004

and what the hell, a screenie for those of you unable (or unwilling ^_~) 
to upgrade:


Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

> hi all-
> i committed a huge amount of stuff to xfdesktop this morning, and it 
> should hopefully address a bunch of multiscreen (non-xinerama) 
> issues.  i know there will be problems with it, as i obviously can't 
> test it, and there are a few things i'm just not sure about.
> there's a new settings dialog that needs testing as well.  note: the 
> color gradients don't do anything yet.  note2: all your old desktop 
> settings are now lost, as the MCS setting names have all changed 
> (mainly just to "setting_screennum").  so write them down before 
> updating if you care.
> so yes, test it.  danny, that means you ^_~.  the crash on exit should 
> be resolved, and it should theoretically be able to draw different 
> backdrop images on different screens.  theoretically.
> unfortunately, the gnome app crash/hang problem still does not seem to 
> have been resolved, despite reworking a bunch of stuff i thought might 
> be the culprit.  *sigh*
>    -brian
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