[a.lerche at gmx.net: Tasklist Plugin]

Andre Lerche a.lerche at gmx.net
Tue Apr 20 08:05:35 CEST 2004

> Hello Andre,
>     Another suggestion. In plugin_attach_callback(), you would probably 
> prefer to attach the XFCE callback to the GtkButton in "winlist" menu 
> mode. This allows to get the XFCE right-click menu that allow to set 
> plugin options.
>     In v0.0.3, you attach the callback to the GtkEventBox, but as it's a 
> container for the GtkFrame containing the GtkButton, the only way to get 
> this right-click menu it to try to right click on the frame.
>     I figured out what this "attach callback" means for XFCE plugins by 
> testing (and reading other plugins code) since documentation about this 
> is lacking.
>     Hope that helps.

Yes, thanks it's already implemented, too. The versions were only previews
so far, where I implemeted only some major things.

Yesterday I did a cut into 2 plugins - one is the taskbar plugin, the other
is the windowlist plugin - fixed a memory leak and implemented some stuff
like attach the callback to the button or to popup a menu with some window
actions if you rightklick on an item in the windowlist while leftclick still
activates the window. The action menu compiles with 4.0.5 and doesn't need
anything from cvs.

If nobody complains, I'll put these two plugins to Berlios.


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