prelimiary xfdesktop multi-screen support, crashing bug fixed

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Mon Apr 19 19:27:17 CEST 2004

Jean-François Wauthy wrote:

>Le lun 19/04/2004 à 06:44, Brian J. Tarricone a écrit :
>>hi all-
>>i reworked a bit of xfdesktop so i can move toward supporting people 
>>with multiple screens.  by this i mean multiple logical screens on a 
>>single X display, via :0.0, :0.1, etc.  my plan for people that run 
>>multiple displays is that you'll need to run multiple instances of 
>>xfdesktop.  i'm not sure how this relates to xinerama as i have no idea 
>>how that works (yet).
>>as an intended side-effect, the app-crashing bug appears to have 
>>disappeared.  my guess was that it had something to do with the global 
>>|XfceDesktop xfdesktop| variable, and it appears i was right.
>bad news, firefox still crashes here (i only updated xfdesktop perhaps,
>there was another thing to update)
crap.  ok, you're right.  i reverted to old xfdesktop, but the problem 
was gone.  so i killed gconfd, and gnome-terminal crashed on startup.  
killed it again, and gedit froze and went zombie.

updated back to latest xfdesktop, and tried again, same procedure.  no 
crashes, but gedit and gnome-terminal are both hanging if gconfd is not 
running already.  however, if gconfd _is_ running, the apps start just 
fine, which _is_ an improvement from before.  however, this may just be 
due to the gnome 2.6 upgrade, i'm not sure.

i'm not really sure what to do at this point.  i can go ahead and do a 
full rewrite of src/backdrop.c, but i'm not sure if that will do the 
trick.  guess i'll give that a try.

/me is sad


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