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Sun Apr 18 15:11:19 CEST 2004

El sáb, 17-04-2004 a las 23:21, Brian J. Tarricone escribió:

> so i say the hell with it, let's just move everything to 
> $datadir/icons.  that seems to be the Right Thing to do anyway.  the 
> cool thing is that, e.g., the "Xfce-Noia" theme can "inherit" from 
> "Noia", so it will pick up icons from the latter theme if they aren't in 
> ours.

I could not agree with you more.

> the only downside (aside from the time and work required to do the 
> change) is that of handling fallback behaviour.  if the user selects a 
> non-"Xfce-" theme, they may not have the files the panel requires.  the 
> simple fix for that is to duplicate the icons from our default 
> ("Xfce-Curve") theme and dump them in $datadir/icons/hicolor.  so maybe 
> we overwrite someone else's icons.  tough.  that's a packaging issue.

Currently xffm uses the no_icons theme as a fallback. 

> the fix for this downside, however, has its own downside.  that means 
> that no matter what non-"Xfce-" theme the user picks, they'll have to 
> live with "Xfce-Curve" icons for the panel.  the panel _could_ have an 
> "icon theme override" option, but that sounds rather hackish.  i can't 
> see any way around this.
> thoughts?

The missing icons are there, but just with other names. Maybe that's the


>     -brian
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