more icon theme stuff (blah)

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sun Apr 18 06:21:20 CEST 2004

ok...  so now my icons are totally screwed up (or rather, they were, 
until i hacked my system to pieces fixing it).  i _really_ think all 
icons need to be moved to $datadir/icons pronto.  i also think all our 
themes need to be prefixed with "Xfce-".  things just aren't working 
right with $datadir/xfce4/icons, and i can't seem to figure out why.

it _seems_ obvious.  i point at an icon, "gnome-settings", to act as the 
icon for the "Settings" menu.  it doesn't show up.  i move aside 
$datadir/xfce4/icons/gnome, and presto, it appears.  i move our gnome 
theme back, and it's gone again.  but look!  gnome-multimedia isn't.  
and i have no idea why it shows up, when gnome-settings doesn't.

the gnome-settings problem seems to indicate that GtkIconTheme is giving 
up if it finds a theme dir, but can't find an icon (regardless if there 
is another identical theme directory farther down in the search path).  
honestly, i think this is a gtk bug, but the bug i filed on gnome 
bugzilla over 2 weeks(?) ago hasn't even been commented upon.  i really 
don't want to fork GtkIconTheme.  i really don't.  i don't have the time 
or energy to maintain it, to say nothing of familiarising myself with it.

so i say the hell with it, let's just move everything to 
$datadir/icons.  that seems to be the Right Thing to do anyway.  the 
cool thing is that, e.g., the "Xfce-Noia" theme can "inherit" from 
"Noia", so it will pick up icons from the latter theme if they aren't in 

the only downside (aside from the time and work required to do the 
change) is that of handling fallback behaviour.  if the user selects a 
non-"Xfce-" theme, they may not have the files the panel requires.  the 
simple fix for that is to duplicate the icons from our default 
("Xfce-Curve") theme and dump them in $datadir/icons/hicolor.  so maybe 
we overwrite someone else's icons.  tough.  that's a packaging issue.

the fix for this downside, however, has its own downside.  that means 
that no matter what non-"Xfce-" theme the user picks, they'll have to 
live with "Xfce-Curve" icons for the panel.  the panel _could_ have an 
"icon theme override" option, but that sounds rather hackish.  i can't 
see any way around this.



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