[request] xfwm4 option to cycle windows on all workspaces

Wolf Lichtenberger wowowolf at web.de
Sun Apr 4 22:34:59 CEST 2004


another pesky request...

I'd very much like to optionally be able to cycle (with Meta+Tab) through the 
windows on all of my workspaces.

Apparently, right now, with xfwm4 v4.0.3.1 on Debian Sarge, this only works for 
windows on the actually visible workspace, but no other.

On a side note, i'd like to optionally exclude programs from this cycling list, 
like f.e. Wm Docklets and such, which never need Keyboard focus anyway. This 
would be for xfwm4 too, i presume.

-- Wolf Lichtenberger

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