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Fri Apr 2 06:12:40 CEST 2004

El jue, 01-04-2004 a las 16:33, Jasper Huijsmans escribió:
> Hey,
> I just updated CVS with some minor changes to the panel. From the log
> message:
> - Reduce handle width to show only one line of dots
> - disable completion combo, because it doesn't work on new installs

I wonder why it does not work. Xffm does not have any problems with the
combo and new installs. OTH, I don't think the combo overhead is very
useful for the panel. Users do not tend to spend too much time
configuring the panel, and those that configure the panel are mostly new
installs, hence, if the combo is not working right at this point, why
bloat? :-) I'm afraid xfce is getting a bit bloated with dependencies
back and forth, one thing goes wrong in one place and it affects many
others. We must try to keep things simple, return to the roots.



> - put 'Properties...' and 'Remove' in a submenu of panel item 
>   right-click menus. May prevent some accidental removals.
> Just thought I'd try and justify the spamming of the commits mailing
> list ;-)
> 	Jasper
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