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Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Apr 1 23:04:43 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 22:39, purslow at wrote:

> what ??  did you read what i wrote above ?
> there's no mention of M$ Windows -- i really don't know what it does --
> nor of KDE, the only other desktop system i have any knowledge of
> & of whose behaviour in this area i have no idea.

Windows and Metacity prevents moving maximized windows which is a bit
too much restrictive IMO.

KDE acts exactly like xfwm4 (or vice versa, depends on the POV).

> i tried to present an analysis of what the 'maximise' button now does
> & the apparent irrationality of its effects: please read it again.

I did and I don't understand what you mean, I don't see the behaviour
you describe and I don't see any bug. Oh, if you want to be read, don't
be so lazy, type the whole words!

> other developers & users have offered their own views on the topic:
> they deserve a sensible response too.

I can't reply all messages, so I pick the last one and make a global

> you deserve great respect from all of us for originating XFCE,
> but if the criteria for its features were your own personal preferences,
> it wd not have become as popular as it has.  that it has shows
> that XFCE features derive from a consensus among its developers & users.

Well, if you design software, you know that someones has to make
choices, and in this case it's me. Like it or not. 

> please have another look.

I can change the code so that the maximize flag remains when moving a
maximized window, but that's all I can agree on (even then, I don't
agree, but I change this on popular demand.

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