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Thu Apr 1 22:39:01 CEST 2004

040401 Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 23:04, purslow at wrote:
>> 040331 Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>> maximise is a function that changes the _size_ of the window.  
>>> after you click the 'maximise' button,
>>> it turns itself into a 'restore' button.
>>> user-interface-wise, it's essentially a toggle button
>>> and it's incorrect to change the state of a toggle button
>>> based on something as unrelated as window movement.
>> yes, i see your point, tho' i don't agree fully w your concl'n.
>> 'maximise' does  2  things: (1) incr the size to the largest allowed
>> & (2) place the window st the TL corner (eg) is at the TL allowable;
>> presumably in the code, these are separate op'ns.  (2) is needed
>> or parts of the enlarged window wd unintent'ly disappear off-screen.
>> once the window has been max'd for the 1st time,
>> there are then  2  things it mb expected to do on the 2nd occas'n:
>> (1) restore the original size & (2) restore the original pos'n.
>> however currently, 'demaximise' does only (2), wh is incorrect.
>> moreover, a test shows that a 3rd hit on the 'maximise' button
>> continues to change the pos'n w/o altering the size, surely a bug.
>> so in fact, can't we all be satisfied ?
>> 'max' shd always toggle size, w/o affecting pos'n after the 1st time,
>> while pos'n shd continue to be alterable irrespective of size.

> You are all enumerating a lot of rules on what maximise should do,
> what it should not do, etc. But from where those rules come from?
> What written spec spells it?

clearly, they are users' suggestions based on their experience w XFWM.

> What you guys describe is the typical Windows behaviour
> or the behaviour of some other WM.

what ??  did you read what i wrote above ?
there's no mention of M$ Windows -- i really don't know what it does --
nor of KDE, the only other desktop system i have any knowledge of
& of whose behaviour in this area i have no idea.

i tried to present an analysis of what the 'maximise' button now does
& the apparent irrationality of its effects: please read it again.
other developers & users have offered their own views on the topic:
they deserve a sensible response too.

> xfwm4 maximisation is just like I want it,
> there is no bug as far as I can tell
> what you describe as bug aren't bugs in my own point of view.

you deserve great respect from all of us for originating XFCE,
but if the criteria for its features were your own personal preferences,
it wd not have become as popular as it has.  that it has shows
that XFCE features derive from a consensus among its developers & users.

please have another look.
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